Virtual City Casino

Virtual City Casino

Virtual City Casino is a platform that allows you to play casino games

Virtual City Casino is an online casino platform with many games to choose from. The games vary from several styles of poker to creative slots games, blackjack, roulette and so on. Occasionally there are tournaments being organized with very high cash prizes and it has multi-player type games also.

The overall design of the platform is well-done, with everything nicely organized. You can choose to see the games from a simple point of view or from an advanced one. The simple one will show the games as huge thumbnails and quite a few per each page, and the advanced point of view shows them as a long list. Every game has a different jackpot value and there is also a feature called the "Jackpot Thermometer". This feature basically tells the player how "hot" the game is, it creates an average between the time since the last jackpot win and the average time between jackpots winnings. So if the game is hot, you supposedly are more likely to win. It is a very nice feature since not many casino platforms offer something similar to this.

I was pleasantly amazed with the amount of games the platform offers. Definitely several hundred of unique games which can certainly satisfy most players. The bad part about Virtual City Casino is that you don't have fun money, or the options to play games just for fun. However, you do have several promotions upon registering which will offer free cash. Overall, it is a great platform for online gambling and since it comes in many different languages it is accessible to many people.

Dennis Niels
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  • Simple design
  • Many games to choose from


  • Doesn't offer free to play games, or fun money
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